Royal Concert Hall reading & Then Play Long

I’m reading at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham at 7.15pm on September 10th, previewing my new novel as part of the Nottingham Writers Studio ‘Word of Mouth’ evening (more event info here). I’m reading with Wayne Burrows, Matt Hurst, Jon MacGregor, Richard Pilgrim, Michael Pinchbeck, Alicja Shaw and Nick Wood. I’m blogging about it now as this site is now taking its summer break, with a ridiculous number of books. Doubtless I’ll write about the ones I get through on my return.

If you share my preoccupation with popular music and its history, you might want to check out an incredible new project by Marcello Carlin. Then Play Long examines every number one album since the beginnings of the album chart, beginning with the album that (I strongly suspect) was playing when I was conceived. This project could easily take twenty years and all credit to Marcello, the most insightful music critic I know, for starting it up. You’ll find me hanging around in the comments box from time to time.

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