Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I first came across Tracey Thorn when I heard  a beautiful, very articulate love song called ‘Plain Sailing’ on a sampler cd in the early 80’s. I put it on the first mix tape I made for my partner.  Tracey met her partner, Ben Watt, at university and they formed Everything But The Girl. Nearly thirty years on, they’re still together, but a lot of their friends aren’t. Her second solo album, ‘Love And Its Opposite’ came out recently and is a kind of concept album about divorce.  It’s a brilliant record, full of thought provoking, intelligent songs that are also growers. Here’s the one that keeps getting stuck in my head. Initial copies of the album came with a Berlin Demos bonus disc and this version is from that. I urge you to check out the finished version and the full album.

Tracey Thorn – Singles Bar (Berlin Demo)

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  1. for some reason i can’t get the tune to play. i’ll be back though so i can pass on the link to a few fans of tracey and the marine girls.

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