Scott Pilgrim

While we were in Toronto last month, there were posters for the Scott Pilgrim movie everywhere. I read a lot of comics, but I’ve never got around to this series, so wasn’t aware that it was Canadian and, indeed, set in Toronto. Though when we visited Casa Lomo (pictured: fascinating place, with an incredible story behind it) and saw the Scott Pilgrim poster amongst the display of movies that had been filmed there, that should have been a big clue. In my defence, most of the movies that use the location fictionalise it, ie as the X-Men’s base. Scott Pilgrim doesn’t, and uses the hand rails on the steep stairs we climbed up from the road to spectacular effect, and will doubtless, deservedly, boost attendances. I’d never heard of the castle until we read about it in our guidebook.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a terrific movie, by the by, way better than I was hoping. Indeed, it’s possibly the most inventive, loving comic book adaptation to date. It certainly pisses all over Watchmen. A sweet, funny film that rushes by. And it gives me another opportunity to offer you a song of the week by my favourite Toronto band, who have already featured once this year. I reckon this is their best song, and it crops up at a crucial, very apt moment. It’s on the soundtrack, but only in the movie for a few seconds. Here’s the whole thing.

Broken Social Scene – Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

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