I’ve been busy (re)writing lately and haven’t had the time to write anything new here for nearly a fortnight. So, to make up for that, and to thank readers for coming back, here are a few other sites that might repay a visit.

I went to see The Rolling Stones at Wembley Arena last week and had a remarkably good time. My old friend Mike wrote the review above and I agree with most of what he said.

Nottingham writer Stephan Collishaw has a great first novel out, called ‘The Last Girl’ and a neat web-site (it describes me as a great writer, so I guess he’s prone to exaggeration).

Another Nottingham writer with a nifty new web-site is Martin Stannard. Check out some of his poems. (That’s him sitting in our back garden on the home page).

If you like blogs about music, Fluxblog is by an American guy called Matthew who seems to have similar obsessions to my own and offers some terrific MP3s.

Finally, by far the best Children’s books site around is Achuka and it’s just had a revamp (the book reviews seem to have gone astray, but I gather they’ll be back soon). It’s independent and well worth a read. Enjoy.

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