The Best Of Year CD

Every year we make a CD (until the turn of the century, a C90 or C100 tape) with a selection of our (OK, mostly my) favourite music released during the previous year. This year, having got a CD burner on my new iMac, I’ve done twice as many as previously. Until this year, I had to copy in real time, so making 15 copies took the best part of a week. Now I can make a copy in four minutes using Toast or i-Tunes. As I write, thirty copies have been posted, given away or put aside to be given away, and there’s one copy going spare. So the first reader to email me via this site with their address will receive the final copy in the post. Here’s what’s on it.

1 Panther Dash 2.43 The Go! Team

2 These Words 3:36 Natasha Bedingfield

3 Nearer Than Heaven 3:28 The Delays

4 Deja Vu (All Over Again) 4:13 John Fogerty

5 The Ascent Of Man 4:07 R.E.M.

6 Whatever Happened to Corey Haim 3:34 The Thrills

7 Inspector Blanchflower (edit) 5:53 The Fiery Furnaces

8 Laura 3:36 Scissor Sisters

9 The Saga 1.53 The Libertines

10 Lost In The Plot 4.48 The Dears

11 Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes 5.16 Beck

12 Wishful Thinking 3:52 Wilco

13 Shame 2:33 PJ Harvey

14 Fuck It 3:48 Eamon

15 I’m Not Sorry 4:41 Morrissey

16 Departure Bay 5:34 Diana Krall

17 The Judgement 3:59 Elvis Costello & The Imposters

18 A Fond Farewell 3:57 Elliott Smith

19 There She Goes, My Beautiful World 5:18 Nick Cave

20 I Am A Cinematographer 2:49 Bonnie “Prince” Billy

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