Nottingham Writers’ Studio

This weekend marks the launch of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio website and to mark it, there’s a big piece in the Nottingham Evening Post featuring an interview with Jon McGregor, who founded the studio, Michael Eaton, Nicola Monaghan and yours truly. (If you buy the paper, I think there’s a photo of the four of us, but, as I type, it’s not on the street yet). Erik Petersen does a good job of describing the studio’s purpose and history, so I won’t bang on about it here, except to say that, if you’re a writer in the Nottingham area and need a place to work and/or to meet other writers, you ought to check out the studio on Heathcote Street, which has social events on the first Thursday evening of every month and discussions about craft on the third Thursday evening of every month. I spend so much of my time around nascent writers that I wasn’t sure at first whether I’d make use of my membership, but it’s a great place to meet new people and plot the takeover of the world, or whatever other plots take your fancy… details of how to join can be found at the new website.

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