Shaggy Blog Stories

My old mucker Mike, aka Troubled Diva, has come up with a splendid idea to raise money for Children In Need, for Red Nose day (a week today in the UK). He’s putting together an instant anthology of blog writing, to be called ‘Shaggy Blog Stories’, which will be published next Friday (proper print published, with a designed cover, via the wonders of digital technology). An appearance in the book is open to all UK bloggers (resident or abroad) and entries (taken from your blog archive) should be briefish (max 1,000 words, though exceptionally, 1,500 – no images or html) and, it being Red Nose Day, funny. If you want to contribute, the deadline is 6pm UK on Wednesday March 14th, but the earlier the better. Full details are here and you can post your entry to mikejla@! (remove the ! after the @). I’ll post how to pay for the book on Red Nose Day itself. In the meantime, if anyone can find a single funny entry in my archives, please let me know, or I’m stuffed!

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