New Year reading

The marathon sleeve notes to my best of year CD are below. As an experiment, to welcome in the new year, I’m enabling comments on the site in 2008.

With that in mind, here’s an interactive start to the year. I need a new novel to read next. I’m currently reading some early Steve Ditko comics, a short book about the Pink Floyd’s first album, a draft of a book about Young Adult Fiction and rereading Philip Roth’s ‘The Ghost Writer’ but I’ll have finished that tonight and need to start something new by the weekend. My christmas pile includes Graham Greene’s collected letters, the Sid Griffin book about Dylan’s basement tapes and Philip Davis’s biography of Bernard Malamud. At the moment I’m tempted most by the latter for my daytime read, but I’m also going to need another novel to read in bed. The latest Doug Coupland? Another Richard Yates? Some crime writer I haven’t tried yet? Is the recent Jonathan Coe worth trying? I’m tempted by ‘What Is The What’. Then there’s the pile of books I’ve been meaning to read for ages, at the top of which is Mitchell’s ‘No. 9 Dream’. I’m open to suggestions…

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