iPod Farming Update

When I wrote about iPod farming four weeks ago, I meant to tidy up a letter a day on my iTunes, a schedule which would have got me through my entire library by the time term starts again next week. But I didn’t reckon with a three day trip to Derbyshire or the length of certain letters. So, a confession, so far I’ve only go to M. Or, to be precise, ‘Ma’. Yesterday I cleared a few of Madonna’s lesser tracks. At the moment I’m in the middle of deleting one of several Manu Chao albums that I downloaded as research before going to see him last year (he was disappointing and exhausting. Mike and I left independently but at the same time, about 70 minutes in, even my student who’s a big fan left before the end).

I started this process when I passed the 14,000 mark and the good news is that I’ve deleted hundreds of songs. The bad news is that I’ve downloaded or imported loads more, so I’m still on 13,925 tracks, and that doesn’t include various folders of obsure Robert Wyatt and Kevin Coyne that I haven’t opened yet. It does include albums by the Raconteurs, Long Blondes and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy that I haven’t actually listened to yet. In other exciting news, I’ve bought a posh lead to connect the iPod to my new amplifier which will stop me burning stuff to CD and reduce my carbon footprint by a miniscule amount. Oh, and we’ve had a new path laid which takes you through our garden to the allotment behind it.

Sorry, not much of a post this, and I’ve started work on a new book today so updates will be even less frequent. Are you still here? OK, then, why not head over to this reactivated children’s books blog or, if you’re musically inclined and bittorrent proficient, register at this relaunched recordings of indeterminate origin downloads site. Enjoy.

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