The Suburbs

Welcome to my new website and blog. One of the new things that I plan to do here is post a song of the week, every week. As an appropriate way to start, here’s a superb new song, The Suburbs,  from the forthcoming Arcade Fire album. It’s just come out on a white label 12″. Can’t wait to hear the album and see them live again.

Note that songs of the week are for promotional purposes and will only be available for a short time, so visit often! Some will be songs that the artists themselves have released to the internet, like this one. Others will be obscurities that have never been released on CD or favourite numbers by artists that I believe deserve wider attention. Requests from copyright holders who want songs removed will be honoured in a timely fashion.

4 Replies to “The Suburbs”

  1. I love the new design. Props to the designer.
    I’m also a big fan of song of the week postings, so I’ll be back at least that often.
    You won’t be disappointed by the band. Their show Monday (June7) here in Quebec was magic.

  2. Thanks, Mike, and thanks for the introduction to Gordon, who did a great design job, was a pleasure to work with and gave outstanding value. Asta, enjoyed your gig review. I’ve seen the AF twice, in a small venue and an arena, and they were fantastic in both contexts. Like Gordon, I’m anxious to know when I’ll get a chance to see them again!

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