Clocking Off

So, it’s over. I make no apologies for blogging a third time about Christian Marclay’s incredible video installation ‘The Clock’ at Nottingham Art Exchange, which closes in two hours’ time. I’ve visited twenty times, taking in over 15 hours of this epic masterpiece. And, while it kept getting fuller, I’ve never failed to get a place on one of the two sofas (admittedly, on Thursday, when we went for our last big 50 minute chunk, I had to wait half an hour). It’s been a great place to meet people too. Today, when we went to take in six minutes we’d missed from 1.36-1.42 (yes, we kept a careful record, using the wallchart above) I bumped into two couples who I hadn’t seen in ages. If you’re in London, Glasgow or Plymouth,  where the British Art Show travels in the remainder of this year, I urge you to go and see some of it. You might end up hooked, as we were. Indeed, I reckon we should be able to see 7.30-8.40 in one of those places – always easy to find an excuse to go to London, and it’s ages since we’ve been to Glasgow. 1.05AM to 8.55AM may prove a bit trickier…

Elvis Costello – The Greatest Thing

Blickling Hall – Clock Tower

Nick Drake – At The Chime Of A City Clock

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