Bumper Weekend

Weekends don’t get much better than this. First, a terrific launch for my new novel, Bone and Cane, at Antenna on Friday night. Many thanks to everyone who came, and special thanks to the Antenna staff and everyone at Tindal Street Press, who organised it so superbly. Thanks to Mike TD for the photo above. I got to choose all the music, coming off from the Q and A to a great song about Nottingham, City Sickness by Tindersticks. On Saturday, the new album by my favourite band, REM, arrived early, and it sounds really good. Then, in the evening, we went to a packed Nottingham Contemporary, where Nottingham’s best band of the 70’s, Gaffa, reunited for the first time since 1980. It was a terrific night, and I’ll post a full review tomorrow. Great to meet Geoff, who left a comment on my post about Gaffa below, and who travelled over from Stoke with a bunch of mates to see the show. He was not disappointed, and nor was I. Today, glorious weather. I got our old MG back on the road, washed both cars, and am in the middle of doing other jobs outside while the daylight lasts. To cap it all, Dirk Kuyt scored his first Liverpool hat trick as the Reds slaughtered Man U  3-1. Like I said, it doesn’t get much better than this. Here’s a song from my launch party playlist that Gaffa didn’t play last night, but should have done. Next time, eh, lads?

Gaffa – You Know I Love You (but I don’t know how I know)

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