Everybody’s Talking About ‘Bone & Cane’

For those of you who don’t do Twitter, or follow the links to my Twitter feed on the lower left hand side of this home page, here are a few links to recent goings on in Belbin world. Erik Petersen interviewed me in yesterday’s Nottingham Post, illustrated by the photo above (thanks, Duncan) which is made to look like a gritty urban setting, but was actually taken on our allotment (we have a full size table tennis table in the garage on the right, if anyone fancies a game). Today, Al Guthrie interviews me about Bone & Cane & my favourite reading over at the excellent Criminal-E blog. Tomorrow, at 4pm, I’ll be speaking at Birmingham Book Festival’s ‘The Spring Thing‘  with fellow Tindal St author, Paul Wilson. Finally, there’s a very flattering discussion of ‘Bone & Cane’ with Nottingham University’s Dr Paul Moran here. Jump straight to 2hrs 33 in. OK, that’s the blatant self promotion stuff done. I’m off out into the garden to carry on reading Paul Wilson’s excellent The Visiting Angel. Two intriguing sections in and I just got to a bit that grabs you by the balls. I look forward to meeting him tomorrow, and maybe some of you, too.

Here’s another rare song. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Everybody’s Talking

2 Replies to “Everybody’s Talking About ‘Bone & Cane’”

  1. Just read ‘Bone and Cane’, and really enjoyed it. It was something a bit different as I found when I attempted to describe it to my husband.

    Brilliant. Keep writing for adults.



  2. Thanks for that, Ann, appreciated. I’m about to start the third draft of the sequel.

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