Great event at Antenna the other night, ‘Contact’, a Word Of Mouth evening organised by Robin Vaughan Williams featuring local writers alternating with international ones, skyping from all over the world. Well done to all involved. The evening concluded with Kelly Malone reading from New Zealand where, because of the international date line it was (almost) time for The Rapture. Here’s some video I shot of it, first with Sue Dymoke’s set.

and here’s Kelly

Finally, a couple of songs of the week and a little preview of the new Arctic Monkeys album. Oh, and if the world does end at 6pm tonight, thanks for tuning in, it’s been nice knowing you and here’s a couple more songs (No REM – too obvious).

The Arctic Monkeys – Reckless Serenade

Herman’s Hermits – End of The World

Super Furry Animals – It’s Not The End Of The World

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