Nottingham’s free monthly listings and culture magazine, Leftlion, has been unfailingly supportive of the city’s UNESCO City of Literature bid, and this month’s issue carries a long interview with me about the bid. If you live in Nottingham, you can pick up a copy all over the place, from my local greengrocer, Thompsons, through to Broadway, Five Leaves Bookshop and Rough Trade. But if you’re not, and want to read it online, click here. Oh, and, the online version has an extra question, towards the end, where I talk about the next Bone and Cane novel, due this autumn. More on that anon.

A week tonight, I’m off to see Elvis Costello for the umpteenth time over the last 35 years. Solo, for, I think, the third time. Here’s a recent appearance he made on David Letterman’s farewell series of shows, performing a medley of his own ‘Everyday I Write the Book’ and Nick Lowe’s ‘When I Write the Book.’ Wonder if we can get him to endorse the bid?

When I Write the Book & Everyday I Write the Book (Medley)

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