Friday, September 15, 2006

Elsewhere On Th'internet 

I've just begun a semester's research leave from my university teaching job, so have no excuse not to do various things I've been putting off, like for instance, sorting out my myspace account, which I set up a year ago but never got round to filling in properly. So if you want to read about my interests, see a recent photo, find out how old I am and all that kind of stuff, head over there now. You can also email me via that site. The linked email on this site will bounce back with an autoreply, but I will be checking it from time to time. I've also loaded iTunes 7 onto my mac and iPod. I love the big rotating jukebox display that makes it feel as if you're flicking through a stack of vinyl albums. The only drag is that there's so much stuff from obscure sources amongst my 8899 tunes, the most frequent image is the blank one. Shouldn't the coverless albums be edited out on the computer display? Just a suggestion, Mr Jobs.

Tonight I went to Andy Barrett's entertaining, intelligent and moving play, 'The Allotment', which is touring Nottinghamshire (Details here). And my favourite band, R.E.M. just reunited in their original line up to be inducted into the Rock'n'Roll hall of fame. You can see them playing a warm up show at the legendary Athens 40 Watt Club, doing one of their best songs, 'Begin The Begin,' here. Enjoy.

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