Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In The Frame 

Short notice, but the Nottingham launch for Five Leaves Publications' 'In The Frame', a collection of short stories by East Midlands Young Adult Fiction authors, is this Thursday (July 6th) in the Cecil Roberts room at Nottingham Library on Angel Row from 4.30 for an hour or so, admission free. There'll be brief readings from Gwen Grant, Lynne Markham, Linda Kempton and yours truly, plus q and a.

This'll be the last post until August, when I'll do my holiday reading round up. While I'm away, why not check out Jarvis Cocker's new myspace site? This has a terrific streaming song about Live8 but, be warned, it is not office (or child) friendly:). You can listen to or download T.D.Riesart's terrific noir country album Alahee or buy it via his website. An album to enjoy on light summer nights outside.

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