About this site.

Welcome to the web-site of Nottingham novelist, David Belbin. The site includes a biography, a bibliography and a regularly updated diary discussing matters that might be of interest to readers.

As a professional writer, I’m a firm believer in Samuel Johnson’s dictum: No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money. That said, a web-site is a useful promotional tool and readers will only keep coming back if the content is frequently refreshed. So it will be. Except when I’m away or immersed in writing a novel.

image - festivalThere’ll probably be as much stuff about music as there is about literature. Indeed, the diary element begins with an account of the 2003 Glastonbury festival, following on from the 2000 diary (researching my novel Festival) that was the most popular feature of my previous web-site.

Readers are welcome to e-mail me with questions, comments and suggestions. I always reply. Please note – all material on this site is © David Belbin and can only be reproduced with the permission of the copyright holder. But feel free to link.

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