Ready To Go

Piled around me are a borrowed tent (I left my old one at Glasto 2000), a sleeping roll, sleeping bag, toiletries, a towel, a baseball cap, giant torch, pillow, sweater, a kagoul, two polo shirts, shorts, a sweater, an REM t-shirt and two changes of underwear. Downstairs are 4 cds I’ve made for the journey, some food and a little alcohol. I just need to dig out my wellies, then choose what book I’m going to read (I have to read before going to sleep last thing at night, no matter where I am) and make some sarnies. I’ve finally finished the fat novel, Flicker, that I’ve been reading for the last week – it sagged a bit towards the end, unfortunately. I might take Michael Frayn’s Spies – it’s very small and that counts when you’ve got loads to carry and a bad back. Expect the next post sometime on Monday.

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